About Sketchy Motives

Three Amigos

ApOrLa in Milwaukee.


This is a blog about drawing.  A drawg, if you will.
It all started when April made a goal.  A goal to draw more.  But you see, it wasn’t happening.  At least, Laura and Orilla hadn’t seen any evidence.

Then Orilla moved away, and April and Laura missed her.  The three kindred spirits started scheming for ways to connect.

Then Laura had an idea.

Laura bought the book “642 Things to Draw” for everyone for their birthdays. She came up with the idea to create a blog and share the fun (pain?) in drawing together.  Now they’re committed to drawing one thing from the book a week.  The same item, created by each person separately, posted every Wednesday.  From memory (no props!)

Some of us have an art background.  Some of us do not.  Please be kind.

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